Developing Executive Leadership

When you’re focused on your organization’s future every day of every workweek, it’s vital that you are well equipped to optimize your company’s performance as well as your own career with executive leadership training….

13-24 JULY

Mastering Team Leadership Skills

High performance teams are essential for organizations to perform well. It is common to hear of management teams, production teams, service teams or even whole organizations being referred to as teams. Employers stress the importance of employees working as a team and advertise for staff with the ability to work in such a way…

Coaching: A Strategic Tool for Effective Leadership

Get skills for coaching employees to improve the effectiveness of individuals and teams!

During times that would challenge even the most resilient and experienced managers, it’s never been more important to have an arsenal of tools, techniques and best practices for coaching employees….

7-11 SEPT
9-13 NOV

Leadership Strategies for Creating a Respectful Workplace

A workplace where employees treat one another with civility and respect is far more likely to function at optimum levels of productivity. Unfortunately, the rise of disrespectful behaviors in business seems to be at epidemic levels, and the result is a steady erosion in morale and productivity….

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Emotional intelligence is your awareness regarding your actions and feelings, including how they affect the people around you.

Emotional intelligence is highly valued by hiring managers. The hiring managers surveyed by CareerBuilder shared that people with high EQ excelled at staying calm under pressure, resolving conflict effectively, behaving with empathy, and leading by example….

7-11 DEC