Successful Meeting and Minutes

Meetings are a necessary part of the day-to-day operations of most businesses. Meeting minutes serve as an official record of the event, and you have the critical role of creating them and ensuring that they are accurate. You want your notes to be clear and precise, and by…

20-24 JULY
24-28 AUGUST

People Management Skills for Secretaries

The support you provide as an administrative professional is vital to your organization’s ability to achieve its goals and objectives. Today, most senior managers expect you to have leadership and management skills in order to set your own administrative priorities…

Time Management and Meeting for Secretary

Time management, like other management, benefits from analysis and planning. To understand and apply time management principles, employees must not only know how to use time, but also what problems they encounter in using it productively, and what causes them…

19-23 OCT
6-17 JULY

Public Relation for Professional Secretary

Administrative Assistants and Executive Secretaries are the ones who are in the ‘frontline’ and very close to the highest leaders of the company, both members of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Rapidly growing business demands urged Personal Assistant and Executive Secretary is to understand and have the ability and understanding of Public Relations….