Developing and Implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Framework

Stakeholder expectations of how companies will carry out their operations have never been higher. In former times, an organization might have focused almost exclusively on delivering a financial return to its business owners. Nowadays communities, governments and other stakeholders clamor for their share of the rewards….

14-25 SEPT
7-18 SEPT

The Design, Structure and Process of Public Organizations

This course provides an introduction to public management, with a focus on the environment, structure and design of the organizations that public managers run. We will build from a foundation in organizational theory, and consider management challenges facing organizations that carry out public purposes…..

Documents and Records Management Compliance

Managing an ever-increasing volume of paper and electronic (digital) documents, records, knowledge and content can be very difficult. How do you best capture, manage and store the documents and records in your organization? How can records management ISO 15489 and information security ISO 27001 help? Does your approach meet compliance requirements, security, regulations and standards? What is the best way to manage emails, web pages and electronic documents and paper records? ….

16-20 NOV
14-18 DEC

Communication and Planning Skills for Administrative Professionals

A competent administrative professional can mean the difference between a workplace the runs smoothly and one that suffers from disfunction, disorganization, or worse. Top administrative assistants know the technical aspects of the job, and they possess superior communication skills….