Meetings are a necessary part of the day-to-day operations of most businesses. Meeting minutes serve as an official record of the event, and you have the critical role of creating them and ensuring that they are accurate. You want your notes to be clear and precise, and by delivering accurate meeting minutes you gain the perfect opportunity to shine like a star.

Effective minute taking will enable your business units to solve many problems and complaints associated with running meetings. In the hands of a competent minute taker, managers and staff are enable to effectively action efficiently recorded meeting items.

  • Demonstrate what makes good meeting minutes and the need for accuracy of reporting
  • Explain the planning of an agenda and the preparation required
  • Apply practical tips and useful words for producing accurate meeting minutes
  • Techniques to handle corrections & prepare the meeting minutes for distribution
  • Advice on filing/indexing the minutes for easy access
  • Determine the output of each meeting in no uncertain terms

Day 1

Minute Taking

  • Welcome
  • Role Defined
  • Please Define Your Role
  • The Effective Minute Taker Problems That Can be Encountered and How You Can Overcome with Them

Day 2

Your Wining Style & Active Listening

  • REACH Review – Communication Evolution Tool
  • The Ways to Improve Your Listening Ability
  • Methods of Taking Notes

Day 3

Set up for Success – Plan beforehand

  • Taking Effective Minutes Starts Before the Meeting has Even Begun
    • Agenda Creation Templates for Preparation
    • Room Setup up for the Digital Era
    • Where to Sit
    • Discreet Interruption Signals
    • Communication Plan

Day 4

Outbound Activities Aimed At Improving:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Confidence
  • Motivation

Day 5

Formal vs Informal and Reflection

  • Formal meetings
  • Informal meetings
  • Create an action plan
  • Reflection

  • Administrative Staff and Assistants
  • Recording Secretary
  • Executive and Personal Assistants Executives
  • Others interested

  • Face To Face
  • Role playing
  • Post session assessment
  • Video presentation
  • Case study

  • English
  • Indonesia