In this course you will learn how to apply emotional intelligence to specific leadership situations to gain the authority and success you strive for as a leader.

This valuable Leadership Skills course delivers the in-depth knowledge and practical skills you need to ensure that you are a h5, emotionally intelligent leader in these challenging.


How you will benefit in this course:


  • Gain an Honest and Accurate Awareness of Yourself
  • Monitor and Adapt Your Own Emotions and Behaviors for Your Benefit and That of Your Team and Department
  • Have a Positive Influence on the Emotions and Motivation of Others
  • Develop Cohesive, Emotionally Intelligent Teams


Day 1

What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ) & Developing Your EQ Competencies?

  • What is Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ)
  • Intrapersonal & Interpersonal skills
  • Gaining self-awareness with the Leonard Personality Inventory (LPI)
  • Managing body, mind & spirit
  • Developing openness to new ideas
  • Leading others with EQ

Day 2

EQ Practices for Innovative Leadership

  • Managing your body, mind & spirit
  • Handling leadership stress
  • Developing EQ Assertiveness
  • Giving & receiving criticism
  • Developing others
  • Innovative Leadership to enhance teamwork

Personal and Corporate Transformation

  • Managing your emotions: TENT technique
  • Managing your mind
  • Principles of Life
  • Knowing your EQ style
  • Transformative leadership skills
  • Understanding personality of leaders

Day 3

Building Relationships in an Emotionally Intelligent Way

  • Stages of human development
  • Principles of life
  • Increase Your Level of Social Awareness (Empathy)
  • Apply the Principles and Practices of Emotional Intelligence to Building Trusting Relationships
  • EQ Flexibility in handling changes
  • Developing emotional resilience

Day 4

Outbound Activities Aimed At Improving:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Confidence
  • Motivation

Day 5

Emotionally Intelligent Negotiations for Developing an Emotionally Intelligent Teamwork

  • Describe the Importance of Emotional Intelligence to Team Effectiveness
  • Emotionally Intelligent Negotiations
  • Building Trusting Relationships
  • Self-Motivation and Motivating Others
  • Creating an action plan

*Ceremony / Certificate


  • This training course is designed for all managers, leaders and professionals who need to have in-depth knowledge of human behaviors
  • Anyone who is interested in developing themselves to be a better leader and manager
  • Individuals who desire to apply psychological knowledge to result in management and leadership strategies
  • Individuals who wish to understand their emotions and how it affects those around them and their productiveness in the workplace
  • Others interested


  • Face To Face
  • Role playing
  • Post session assessment
  • Video presentation
  • Case study


5 working days


  • English
  • Tetun
  • Indonesia